Internal Expenditure Plans

The Missouri Department of Conservation’s budget is focused on advancing conservation activities that help fulfill the Department’s mission, vision and goals which allows us to take a strategic 36-month approach on top conservation priorities. This will enable the Department to achieve future conservation successes and encourage citizen involvement.

This strategic approach will allow MDC to:

  • Link the Department’s expenditure plan and division focus areas to the Department’s strategic priorities.
  • Focus on all areas of the agency with operational details on how challenges are being addressed each year.
  • Allow more communication with staff, partners and the public regarding big conservation challenges.
  • Strives for continuous improvement in all work areas and periodic review.
  • And allow for modification and transition as advancements are made or new challenges develop.

The Department’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 the following year. The budget process starts months ahead of the start of the fiscal year and is based on revenue projections, existing funds and the Department’s Strategic Plan.

At a Conservation Commission meeting in early spring, the draft expenditure plan is presented by each division to the Conservation Commission. The Commission then approves the final budget at a late spring Commission meeting. Throughout the year the Department closely tracks revenues and expenditures to ensure a strategic fiscal approach.

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