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Praying Mantis
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Wild Memes

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Mar 01, 2019

Cute pets doing funny things must make up half the internet, right? But after looking through thousands of animal photos, we at Xplor are sure of one thing. Wild critters are just as funny as Fido and Fluffy. Need proof? Check out these meme-worthy shots.

She’s right behind me, right?

All kidding aside, it would be hard to sneak up on a praying mantis. These predators have excellent eyesight and use their spiky arms to grab insects to eat.

Come at me bro. Or are you… chicken?

When a male greater prairie-chicken wants to attract a mate, he droops his wings, spreads his tail, and stamps his feet. His chicken dance looks funny to us, but not to female prairie chickens.

Hang in there! Friday’s almost here!

Just like their house cat cousins, bobcats will take a sun nap whenever — and wherever — the mood strikes them.

Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Goose!

Thousands of mallard ducks, Canada geese, and other water birds refuel at Missouri’s wetlands during their spring and fall migrations.

No snow day!? What do you mean no snow day?

Opossums have a few extra parts. Not only are they North America’s only furbearer with a pouch, but they also have 50 teeth — more than any other Missouri mammal. Now that’s quite a mouthful!

Human, I too love junk food.

A raccoon’s paw has 10 times more nerve endings than a human’s hand. The masked mammals use their supersensitive digits to feel for food in murky water, unzip backpacks, and open trash cans.


The bigger they are, the harder they call. To make their namesake calls, male spring peepers inflate their throats and let the air squeak out. When fully inflated, the throat on this thumb-sized frog can be nearly as big as the rest of its body!

Oh snap! Who just crawled across the road? This gal.

In the spring, female snapping turtles wander widely to find a place to lay their eggs. The temperature of the nest determines whether the eggs will hatch as boy or girl snappers.

When you want pizza, but your parents fix brussels sprouts.

In the fall, chipmunks have just one thought in their furry little heads: storing enough food for winter. A single chipmunk may collect enough nuts and acorns to fill nine 2-liter soda bottles.

There’s always one clown who ruins your selfie.

Geronimo! Wood ducks nest in holes high up in trees. A day after hatching, baby wood ducks waddle to the entrance of their nest and bail out. The little fluffballs can fall more than 250 feet without being injured.


Prairie Chicken
Prairie Chicken


Mallard Duck and Canada Goose
Mallard Duck and Canada Goose


Spring Peeper
Spring Peeper


Snapping Turtle
Snapping Turtle

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